Lunar Imaging

Aristoteles & Eudoxus


Taken in daylight. Aristoteles is 87 km wide and Eudoxus is 67 km

Telescope / lens Skywatcher 250 PDS
Camera ZWO 178MM
Mount AZEQ6

Montes Apenninus


Montes Apenninus are a rugged mountain range on the northern part of the Moon. They are named after the Apennine Mountains in Italy and were formed about 3.9 billion years ago.

Telescope / lens Skywatcher 250 PDS
Camera ZWO 1600MM Pro
Mount AZEQ6

Partial Lunar Eclipse


The partial lunar eclipse through hazy atmosphere and a break in the clouds . Taken with a Sony A7r3 attached to a Sky Watcher 200PDS. Blend of exposures to extend dynamic range.

Telescope / lens Skywatcher 200 PDS
Camera Sony A7RIII
Mount AZEQ6