Nebulae In Orion

The Orion Nebula is about 1,350 light-years away and more than 10 light-years across.

The Horsehead Nebula - IC434

Telescope / lens Skywatcher 250 PDS
Camera ZWO 1600 MM Pro
Mount CEM120
Integration 4 hours 52 mins

Dust clouds in Orion


The weather here in the UK has not been good for astrophotography so far this year. Even though this is only just under 5 hours it's taken 4 weeks to get the data. I was hoping to get at least double the exposure time but the moon is getting prominent now, Orion low and by next month I think it will be out of view.

Telescope / lens RASA8
Camera ZWO 1600 MM Pro
Mount AZEQ6
Integration 4 hours 46 mins

Flame and Horse Head - 2 panel mosaic


First ever attempt at a mosaic. Will possibly create a colour version if skies ever clear.

Telescope / lens Esprit 80
Camera ZWO 1600MM Pro
Mount AZEQ6
Integration 5 hours 30 mins

M42 : The Great Orion Nebula


First light of my new RASA 8 scope. There was only a brief 2 hour clear period last night and I managed to get 60 mins of HA which I've integrated into an image taken with the Esprit 80. The HA for 1 hour with the RASA has more nebulosity than 10 hours on the Esprit (though the Esprit data had lower gain settings so not best comparison). Ideally this needs far more RGB and HA for better image quality but could not resist a quick first experiment with new kit.

Telescope / lens RASA8 & Esprit 80
Camera ZWO 1600MM Pro
Mount AZ-EQ6
Integration 19 hours 9 mins