Landscape Astrophotography

Cepheus to Sagittarius.


The Milky Way to the horizon under truly dark skies of northern Scotland.

Telescope / lens Sigma 14-24mm 2.8
Camera Canon 6D
Mount Skywatcher Star Adventurer
Integration 16mins

Misty Landscape with full Moon and Orion


The full moon casts long shadows from trees lining an English river bank. Mist cloaks the landscape with broken low clouds allowing the light from winter stars of Orion to break through.

Telescope / lens Sigma 14-24mm 2.8
Camera Sony A7RIII

Winter constellations with viaduct


Looking north towards Ursa Major a train crossing the Crimple Viaduct illuminates the surrounding trees. Canon 5dsr with 17mm TSE. 30 sec at f/4

Telescope / lens Cannon 17mm TS-E
Camera Canon 5DSR

Jewel in the trees


The Pleiades through the branches of an old oak tree.

Telescope / lens Canon 35mm 1.4 ii
Camera Sony A7Riii

Moorland Moonset


The moon setting behind a remote moorland tree. The Milky Way extends high into the evening sky above.

Telescope / lens Sigma 14-24mm 2.8
Camera Sony A7Riii

Winter Woodland Stars


Woodlands in the Crimple Valley, Harrogate under a clear cold January night.

Telescope / lens Canon 11-24mm f/4
Camera Sony A7RIII